The New Frontier of Agriculture

In 1996, California, the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis consumption, kickstarted a trend of cannabis legislation throughout the rest of the United States. As of April 2021, 15 states have legalized cannabis and are producing, distributing, and consuming cannabis to a certain extent. From a business perspective, the new era of the cannabis industry […]

2021: Go With Your Gut

With 2020 (thankfully) behind us, many of us will embark on the time-honored tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that 80% of us will also keep with the time-honored tradition of BREAKING our New Year’s resolutions. This year, instead of making a lofty New Year’s resolution, make a simple one- to keep your gut […]

A Season for Every Microbiome

At any given time, our bodies carry about 10-30 trillion bacteria that belong to thousands of different species. Depending on the person, these populations can fluctuate from day to day and even from morning to afternoon! Scientists studying the human gut microbiome have been evaluating those populations to find trends, keystones, and troublemakers to identify […]

ACTPRO™ Technology: Reshaping the Aquaculture Industry

The NCH Life Sciences team has been working on using our probiotic products to help aquaculture farmers improve their production capabilities.  We are working in this market segment because seafood holds the current title for the largest traded food commodity in the world providing sustenance to approximately 3 billion people relying on fish meat as […]

The Agriculture Education Boom

Agriculture is the building block for all human life, so it comes to no surprise that universities all over the world offer degrees in various agricultural fields. Many universities have their own recirculating aquaculture systems and poultry, swine, and bovine farms for research initiatives. Agriculture is an art, and it takes years to master in […]

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